An integrated Service Center


Active in supplying European Metal Packaging Market “Just in Time”
with Raw material Cut to Length, Coated and Printed sheets and Toll Operation.



Baometal is a J/V between Baosteel Packaging of Shanghai, Baosteel Europe of Hamburg, Eurometal SpA of Italy and Kemeny Overseas Product Corporation of the USA, with the majority stake being owned by Shanghai Baosteel Packaging.

The synergy between the local service center, former Eurometal, Baosteel and Kemeny, worldwide ETP Trading Company of Chicago.

The scope of the new business is to provide our excellent customers with the cutting, coating and printing services already offered by Eurometal in addition to supplying plain ETP, TFS and Aluminum.

As you are aware, Baosteel is one of the most advanced fully integrated mills in the world, appreciated for the quality and services, which they offer globally. The synergy between the local service center and the great quantity/quality potential of Baosteel will enable the joint venture to conveniently offer, in one package, the supply of raw material, cutting, coating and printing, with the advantage of allowing you to control inventory, lead times, investment and logistic expenses.

Baometal Srl can provide its customers with raw materials (ETP/TFS/AL) from a variety of qualified sources, including Baosteel (Baosteel material to be processed by us prior to delivery). This represents a great opportunity for customers to ensure, through the plurality of suppliers, the continuity of supply in a various market conditions, representing real added value.



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